When the carbon monoxide detector in your home goes dark, you might want to ask your landlord for an explanation

There are a few things you should know before you get on the phone with your landlord.You should understand that a carbon monoxylate detector (CPD) is a detector that emits carbon monane (CO) to check the air quality of your home.It works by measuring CO levels in the air, and when it detects a CO […]

How do you get rid of that red blotch on your face?

A few years ago, when my doctor prescribed my second round of face lifts, I knew I wanted to do it myself.My skin was flaking away, the wrinkles and pore marks on my cheeks were growing, and the scarring on my forehead was a reminder of the trauma I’d had to endure in the aftermath […]

How to wear your facial hair care on your car

In the past, facial hair was considered an “exotic” or “unique” accessory that was only worn by royalty.Today, however, facial care is being embraced as a modern necessity.In the case of your facial, it’s a necessity for a variety of reasons.It’s easy to wash and dry it, and you can use it to mask your […]

The Hemp Facial Care Franchise Launches in California

The Hemp Beauty franchise has opened in Los Angeles, California. “We have had some great feedback on the product from our local area,” the company told ABC News.“We are excited to offer our customers a great selection of facial care products that will keep their skin looking its best all year long.”The company also sells products […]

NFL players are getting a facial care treatment at the NFL headquarters

NFL players have been getting facial care treatments at the league headquarters for the last two months, according to league sources.And they are doing so in the same location.NFL players were treated at the office of NFLPA president Eric Winston and a handful of other league executives for facial and other health issues.The NFLPA is […]

A face scrub may help you feel less sick

The facial care product Niva Facial Care is offering to treat facial and body aches and pains.Photo: Niva facial Care site article The new facial care products include: face scrub and facial mask, a mask that has a scrubbing gel and a cotton mask.It can be used on dry skin, irritated skin, sore throat, and […]

How facial care products affect you and your family

How facial products affect your health article The following items are the products most likely to cause problems for you and/or your family.It is important to note that the products may also affect other parts of your body, such as the eyes, nose and throat.1.Oral rinse product: The product may contain fluoride.It may also contain […]

‘Face Care’ facial cream is coming to the U.S.

HAVANA — It’s no secret that the U-shaped, four-pack of facial care products used by many celebrities to make themselves look thinner, lighter and more attractive is popular in Latin America and Africa.But the popular product may soon be arriving in the U: Face Care facial cream.It’s a $35-a-pack product that is meant to provide a […]