Apple Pay and the new Apple Watch face app for the Apple Watch are both coming to New York’s Nasdaq Stock Exchange, but the deal is more than just a simple exchange transaction.

It will also include an agreement between Apple and Nasdaq to pay for the services of Facial Care and Niva Facialcare, two companies that specialize in facial care for women.

Facial care, which specializes in using makeup to remove dark circles, scars, and other blemishes from the face, will be provided for free to Nasdaq users, and Nascent FacialCare will be charged $15 a month.

Niva, on the other hand, specializes in treating blemish removal for women who are looking for a more affordable option.

Nascent facial care will charge $20 a month for Niva products, according to a spokesperson for Nasdaq.

Nasdaq said the agreement includes a commitment to provide Facial Health to Nascent products, and will be an incentive to the companies to continue providing their services to Nascoff.

The deal is not a new one for Apple.

The company has long partnered with the Nasdaq market to provide a marketplace for the technology that makes facial hair removal possible.

Apple’s facial health service, Facial Life, offers services to customers in 20 countries, including the United States.

In October, Apple announced a deal with the health insurance provider Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield to offer the same facial health services for Apple Watch users, as well as for the iPhone and iPad.

Apple is also reportedly in talks to acquire facial care company Facial Body Care.

It’s unclear how the deal will work out, though Nasdaq is expected to announce more details soon.


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