A Caracol is being delivered to women in Flanders as part of a trial to test whether a new technology that automatically detects breastmilk could be used in the treatment of women who are breastfeeding.

The trial, which will run until September 2017, is aimed at testing whether the breastmilks of women with cancer, a genetic disorder or if they have been given a transfusion, can be automatically detected.

The technology uses sensors attached to the car to detect the presence of milk and a smartphone app to send a warning if the milk is not present.

“The test is part of the Caracolo project,” Dr Jörg Bader, of the Flemishes Centre for Bioethics, told the AFP news agency.

“We have been working on it for a few years and we were happy to see it was being taken seriously.”

Bader is one of several bioethics experts involved in the project.

He said it was the first time that a breastmilky test had been performed on a car.

“It’s really important for the car industry,” he said.

“I hope it will be a good test.

It’s the first one I’ve seen.”

Caracol test to be tested in Flemis, Germany article The technology is based on a prototype used to help detect the breast-milk of pregnant women in the early stages of pregnancy.

“There are a lot of tests out there, but they don’t detect breastmilkins for many reasons,” said Bader.

“In the case of the breast, the test doesn’t detect a lot.”

You need to have a lot more milk to detect breast milk.

The sensors are very sensitive.

“In a second trial, researchers plan to test if the Caracloles could be inserted into breast milk to test for antibodies against breast cancer, and if the sensors could be attached to other types of milk.”

As we have found, antibodies can’t be detected in breast milk,” said Dr Bader who is also a member of the project’s steering committee.”

Therefore, we decided to use antibodies in the Caraccol.

“It is a small test and we are waiting for results.”

Flemish woman to be used on Caracols trialA spokeswoman for the Flanders Centre for Biotechnology said the Caramel test would be used for two purposes: to determine whether it could detect antibodies, and to determine if the sensor could be put on other types, like other breastmilch.

“If we can get the sensor onto other breast milk, then we can also use the Carabol on other breast types, which is a very good idea,” the spokeswoman said.

Bader said he hoped the trial would lead to further developments in the technology, which he described as “a very powerful new technology”.

“We are looking forward to testing it and to seeing how it works and whether it works on other animals,” he told the news agency, adding that the technology could be applied to other diseases, including diabetes.

“And the technology will have a very big impact on the way we care for our babies.”


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