Mychelle Facial Care in Whamisa, New Zealand, will shut its doors for good, its owners say, in a bitter blow to a small New Zealand cosmetics business.

Cara is one of the country’s largest facial care companies and employs around 1,000 staff, mostly in Auckland, who make the products that customers come to buy, said co-founder and chief executive Michael Tully.

“We are incredibly disappointed and it is an absolute blow to the business and its staff.”

We have been at this for 15 years and we have grown from being just a small business to a very large business, and I am really sad that we will be going.

“Tully said the business had seen its revenue increase by more than 40 per cent since 2010, with sales exceeding $300 million annually.

The company is still in the process of determining the details of a formal closure, but said it was committed to working closely with the local community. “

Cara Facial is a pioneer in New Zealand of providing professional quality services to the general public,” it said.

The company is still in the process of determining the details of a formal closure, but said it was committed to working closely with the local community.

Whamisa Mayor Steve Fennell said he was disappointed by the closure.

“[It’s] a very disappointing day for Whamis people and for the whole community, particularly the local residents, as we will have to wait and see what the end result is, he said.”

The company’s business model is dependent on our continued support.

“Inevitably, it was hoped the company’s closure would also mean the end of Cara’s facial care business, which employs more than 70 people.

However, the move is a blow to local residents and many local businesses, who were hoping the closure would be the start of a revival of the business.

Whamis council said it would be taking a tough look at how to best support the business going forward.

Council’s Deputy Mayor Nick Beeson said the city would be supporting Cara with financial assistance.”

That will be the final decision that Cara will make on how they proceed, but I think we all know there will be a strong community support to this decision,” he said


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