When Catelyn Lowell first came out with the new season of the hit ABC sitcom “Grey’s Anatomy” last spring, the actress, who is married to actor Michael Caine, was asked if she thought her face looked like a gem.

“That’s one of the best questions I’ve ever had asked,” she said.

She then explained how she and Caine first met in London in the 1980s, when she was still working as a fashion model.

“I was on a modeling assignment for a London magazine and I was wearing a white T-shirt, a dark suit and I had a diamond in my right earring,” she recalled.

“He asked me if I had had my eye surgery, which was my answer.”

Her husband, Caine was born and raised in a British city called Brighton, England, and moved to America when she hit puberty, and they had four children together.

“I was just so beautiful.

I was beautiful,” she explained.

But as she got older, the relationship started to sour.

“We started dating in London, and I remember my dad said, ‘You’re not looking as good as you were when you were 19,'” she recalled, “and he went on, ‘Don’t tell anybody because we’ll lose you.'”

But when her mother was pregnant with their first child, her father said he had no choice but to go to London and get her.

Catelyn and her mother were married and moved back to England, but their marriage fell apart after Caine and his wife divorced and his mother remarried.

“She was divorced and we had two kids,” she continued.

“It was very hard to deal with that, but it was also very important to me to be able to raise my family, because I was not a good parent.”

Catelynn’s new series, “Grey,” will premiere in April.

The show stars Cate Blanchett as an aspiring beauty therapist who falls for the handsome and talented actor Caine.

She is paired up with the actor’s wife, Kristian Holt, and their two children, ages 7 and 12, and the two are reunited on a road trip to London.

But after a day of sunning herself and working as the face of a charity fundraiser, Cate discovers her face is turning into a diamond, something that makes her think about her past.

“You’re just not a beauty, you’re a diamond,” she told ABC News.

“And you just don’t have the time to get up and do it.

It just kind of hits you.”

The ABC said Catelyns’ story is not unique and that it is part of an effort to show people who are born with the condition that there is hope.

“This is an incredible story and we want people to know there are other options out there,” said ABC President Channing Dungey.

“We want people who have the disease to know that we can help them and we can offer our support.”

The show will air on ABC on May 1, with episodes beginning on May 17.


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