Daisy facial care spa offers spa treatments for Asian car, says manager

A beauty salon in Los Angeles, California, is offering a spa treatment for Asian cars.

According to the Beverly Hills, California-based Beverly Hills Beauty, Daisy Beauty Spa offers spa treatment to Asian cars, like a facial scrub, a facial peel, a face scrub and more.

The salon manager, who requested anonymity, said Daisy Beauty offers several different types of facial care.

They include cleansing, styling and a facial moisturizer.

The spa offers a massage treatment as well, according to the manager.

The manager added that Daisy Beauty spa provides an Asian-themed spa treatment.

It also offers massage treatment, according the manager, and also provides a skin care massage.

In addition to spa treatments, the manager said that Daisy and other other beauty salons in the area offer an Asian face scrub, skin care, and a skincare treatment.

The Los Angeles Times said in an article published Friday that the salon has been offering spa treatment since 2014.

The Beverly Hills and L.A. Times reported that Daisy has been around for years.

The Times also reported that in 2016, the Los Angeles Police Department arrested a man and charged him with aggravated battery, battery on a police officer, and assault with a deadly weapon after a woman allegedly confronted him for allegedly beating her in a car.

The woman’s name was not released.