A facial hair care product made from a plant known as “facial hair” has become popular with men and women.

“Facial hair is something that I really enjoy and that I can use,” said Paul E. from San Francisco, who said he uses the product every day.

“I like it to help to cover up my hair and to keep it from falling out.”

Paul E., left, and his son, Nathan, have been using facial hair products to cover their hair since childhood.

They say they are making a profit from it.

Nathan E., right, is a member of the National Hair Care Association and has been using the product since he was about 12 years old.

He said it has helped him look younger, healthier and happier.

Paul and Nathan E. have been spending thousands of dollars on the facial hair product, which they say is more effective than other facial hair treatments.

The two men said they are hoping to find a better facial hair treatment that uses less chemicals and doesn’t leave a bad taste.

When they tried to find something similar at a salon, Paul E said they were told it was made from plant hair, which is a less desirable substance for people who have hair problems.

It’s hard to find the products that actually work, said Nathan E., who said it was hard to believe they could have such a good product for $5.

A few months ago, Nathan E.’s wife, Heather, and their daughter, Zoe, discovered a different type of facial hair supplement, which she said is a product that contains the same chemicals as the plant hair product.

She said she wanted to know more, so she contacted a dermatologist at a hair salon and asked about using the products.

He told her it’s safe to use, but he said it’s not for everyone.

After hearing that, Heather said she started looking into the products on Amazon.com, where they are selling for about $5 each.

They say they can sell the products for as little as $40 each.

Paul E. and Nathan also said they’re using the facial hairs product to make their hair healthier.

They said they have noticed a difference in their hair in the last two weeks.

In the past, Paul and Nathan said they would use their hair for a short amount of time before they would get a rash or irritation from it, but now, they said they use the facial products daily to help them look younger and healthy.

I’m a little bit worried about the amount of ingredients in it, said Paul, who works at a tech company.

But the facial treatment also helps cover up the hair, Nathan said.

This article was produced by The Associated Press from the news team at the University of Michigan’s Ann Arbor campus, in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

It was written by the AP’s Sarah Mims and Michael J. Weber.

Follow her on Twitter at @mims_sarah.


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