OPI’s facial care line is on the rise, but it’s not because the brand is expanding.

Instead, it’s because its CEO is changing the way that his company treats the facial hair of its customers.

Oxycel founder and CEO Michael D. Ebersman said Monday that he and his team are working to change the way the facial care business operates.

The changes, which have been in the works for several months, aim to improve the way customers feel when they buy facial hair products.

Ebersman’s new approach to grooming is to focus on two main parts of the facial, according to an interview with The Washington Times: hair growth and conditioning.

He said the two parts of his business are separate and should not be conflated.

To do that, the company will offer a variety of different hair products, including a beard facial care cream that can help treat facial hair problems and also other types of facial hair.

OPI has not released a new facial product, and it does not sell beard products.

Instead of trying to make every facial hair product available, Ebersmans team will instead focus on products that can be tailored to a customer’s needs.

For example, Ebermans team is trying to create a product that can “help” a person grow out their facial hair without it becoming too coarse or unmanageable.

He is also looking to create products that help people feel “safer and more attractive” and that can also be worn by people with naturally curly or fine facial hair, as long as they are wearing an ombre or no-beard hat.

A new OPI facial care product is pictured at its headquarters in New York City, May 15, 2017.

The company is already looking to make a dent in the facial industry, which has a lot of head-scratching claims and products to be touted.

But there’s been some pushback, including from consumer advocates who worry that OPI is trying too hard to sell products that are marketed as “natural” and “natural hair.”

Oxycees claims to have a long history of treating facial hair for years, and its product lines are marketed to a broader range of consumers.

For instance, the ombres and no-beards hats are marketed by the company to men, women and teens, as well as people with thinning hair.

In addition, the brand has a line of facial care products designed specifically for people with dry, flaky skin.

“We’re always looking to add to our portfolio and do better, to build a stronger product, to help our customers feel better,” Ebersmann told the Times.


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