A common misconception is that facial blems and skin irritation are one and the same, according to dermatologist Dr. Sarah Coughlin, MD.

“It’s really not true,” Coughlyn told Fox News.

“There are many different types of blemish.

It can affect your skin, but it can also affect your body,” she said.

Here are seven things you need to know about blemishing.

How can you prevent facial blemen?

“First and foremost, make sure you are using the right facial cleanser.

A good skin cleanser will keep your skin clear and moisturized.

It also helps with redness, dryness and fine lines,” Croughlyn said.

She recommended that you keep a daily moisturizer with a low pH (low pH = milder) in your system, to keep your pH balance up.

The more hydrating your skin becomes, the less irritation your skin will feel.

“A good moisturizer will also help your skin stay hydrated, which means your skin is more sensitive to any damage,” Caughlyn said, adding that the more hygroscopic your skin gets, the more sensitive it becomes.

“So, if you want to maintain a healthy, smooth complexion and maintain a natural look, then a high pH moisturizer is the best choice,” Couglyn said of the moisturizer.

“You don’t want a cleanser that is too heavy or too light, so you can easily overapply it.”

So, what can you do about it?

She also recommends that you avoid using too much moisturizer or cream for long periods of time. “

Try not to wear makeup that contains too much oil, especially if you are prone to acne,” she added.

She also recommends that you avoid using too much moisturizer or cream for long periods of time.

“Most people will experience mild to moderate acne and/or mild to severe skin irritations, especially with dry skin,” Coughtlyn said during an appearance at the 2017 American Academy of Dermatology’s conference.

“I recommend avoiding products that contain a lot of emollients and harsh ingredients,” she explained.

“This is where things get more severe and cause problems.”

The good news is that most people with dry or acne-prone skin don’t need to worry about blemen, according Coughtyn.

“We are able to control the amount of blemen in our skin by using products that are hygrosphere-friendly, and we can also help reduce blemen by applying our skin to our face with a non-abrasive, water-based moisturizer,” she noted.

“Our skin is a sponge, so it is very important to stay hydrodynamic, so we have to moisturize our skin with a daily cleansing product to help it stay hydrous,” she continued.

Coughlen also added that there are a number of topical treatments that are effective for blemen.

“One of my favorite ones is the serum from Estee Lauder.

They make a serum that is really well absorbed into your skin and can help minimize the appearance of blemens,” Caughtlyn said to Fox News, adding, “It can also be a really great skin conditioner and hydrator.” 

How to protect yourself against acne?

The key is to have a good facial cleansing routine, Coughtlin said.

The best way to get a healthy and beautiful complexion is to follow these tips to avoid acne, and then continue to moisturizing with a high-pH moisturizer, she added: “One thing that is very powerful is the combination of high pH, hygroshisty skin care, a high concentration of moisturizers and an oil-free moisturizer.”

Coughtys advice is also the reason why it’s important to wear a moisturizer every day.

“As you age, your skin may become dry and irritated.

If you can minimize blemen with a moisturizing moisturizer daily, then you’ll have a smooth and hydrated skin,” she told Fox.

“That’s what is most important for acne-free skin.”

What else can you expect from a dermatologist?

Dr. Coughtlynn has a Bachelor of Science in dermatology from the University of Michigan and a Master of Science degree in dermatologic surgery from the Mayo Clinic.

She is currently working on a new book about the best and worst things to look out for in a healthy skin.


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