By Sreenivasan BhattacharyaA facial skin treatment regimen can be an important tool to prevent and treat acne.

Here’s how to get it right.

What you need to know about facial care:1.

Make sure your face is clean.

Make it so the skin is clean with a mild cleanser or oil cleanser.

Use a facial wash that leaves your skin feeling clean.

You may also need to rinse off with warm water.2.

If your skin is sensitive to soap or facial wash, add a few drops of a mild face cleanser into your shampoo.

This will help soothe the skin and remove excess oils and sebum.3.

When you apply facial cream, add it to a small amount of warm water, and massage it onto your skin.

If you need extra protection, you can use a protective face mask.4.

If the condition is mild, apply a cream to the back of your neck, forehead and chin.

It should leave a white, slightly runny layer on your skin and help prevent breakouts.5.

After the cream dries, apply it to the top of your face and let it dry.

If it dries too quickly, it will create an oily, dark-brown spot on the surface of your skin, which may appear swollen.

If this happens, gently massage it off with your fingers, but keep the cream on your face to prevent further irritation.6.

After you’ve applied the cream, it can be used to condition the face, and you can apply more of it if the condition worsens.7.

If there is an excess amount of oil on your cheeks, apply more cream to it.

The oil will dry and the area can be treated with a facial cream.8.

After treating the area with a face cream, you may want to apply a moisturizer or face wash to the area to reduce redness and inflammation.9.

The skin can be covered with a mask if it is very dry and irritated, or you may wish to apply an over-the-counter cream.

It may also help to apply masking cream, as well as a cream, to the affected area.10.

If a breakout has been occurring for some time, you could try applying a facial mask to help break it up.

If that does not help, try using a facial creams, such as one with a fragrance or texture, or using a cleanser that is less irritating.11.

If facial acne is severe, you might want to use an over the counter cream or facial masks.

You might also want to try a facial moisturizer.

If you’re not sure whether you need help with acne, you should talk to your doctor or dermatologist to get a diagnosis and treatment plan.

You should also ask for an evaluation to see if you need a facial or oral treatment plan to help reduce the appearance of acne.

If your skin has already been affected by acne, it may not be possible to treat it effectively.

You can see a dermatologist if your skin does not look as it used to.

If so, your doctor may recommend a facial peel to remove the skin.

If the condition persists, you will need to treat your skin with a cream or mask to reduce or eliminate the appearance and severity of acne, and to prevent scarring.


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