You may not always be able to change the look of your facial expression after you’ve had surgery.

The following tips will help you to get your face into a more relaxed and happy state.

If you need more help, you can always contact us.1.

Wear an undergarment to the surgery You may have noticed a lot of people who wear undergarments to their surgery.

This is not a bad thing, but it can be a bit awkward and uncomfortable.

The undergarement may make your face feel a bit stiffer and your skin can get a bit dry.

It is a bit of a pain to wear the undergariment for several hours after surgery, especially if you are a little bit tired or if you have a cold.

If this happens to you, wear a warm, loose fitting undergarime.2.

Use your imagination in choosing a new hairstyle After a facial surgery, you may not want to change your hairstyle.

You can choose to wear your old hairstyle or a new one.

This will allow you to keep it a bit longer, but you may be able change your facial makeup if you decide to keep the old hairstyles.

Makeup will change after your face has healed and your facial features have adjusted.

You may also find it easier to keep a look that suits you if you wear a long, flowing hair style.3.

Use a different colour for your eyebrows, eyelashes and lipsIf you do decide to change to a new face, it may be a good idea to use a different coloured lipstick, mascara or other makeup product to highlight your eyebrows and eyelashes.

If using mascara, make sure that the product you use doesn’t irritate your eyes, and that it is easy to remove.4.

Make a list of your face-care productsIf you have some products that you need to use regularly, then you should have a list in your mind.

Make sure you always carry the products in a pocket or in your purse or pursecase.

These are things that you will always need to have around you.5.

Start a routine to keep up with your routineIf you need help with the routine, then ask us to help you.

If your routine does not work, then the next step is to try and change the routine.

It can be difficult to make changes when you are not sure that it will work.

Try to keep changing things regularly to make sure your face looks the best it can after surgery.

Make your face a little healthier before you have to change anything, and make sure you are taking your time to do so.

We hope that these tips will be of help in helping you to have a smiley and relaxed smile after surgery!

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