I was one of the first people to take my beard off for good.

It took me a little while to adjust, but the results were immediate and beautiful.

When I finally got my face back on, I was happy to see that my hair was back in place.

Buzzfeed.com / Getty Images The truth is, the majority of facial hair is a byproduct of the human body’s natural processes.

As hair grows and becomes thicker, the follicle’s ability to produce the needed amount of melanin shrinks.

It eventually starts to become a dark spot on the skin.

When it does, it can cause a variety of health problems, from irritation to even skin cancer.

When you’re trying to keep a healthy, healthy facial hair, you want to avoid over-follicking.

That’s why you need to be mindful about what you eat and drink, especially if you’re going out to a bar or club.

Even if you don’t have a beard, it’s important to remember that you can still use facial hair to give yourself the appearance of having a beard.

Just because your facial locks are still thin and unruly doesn’t mean you should let them get out of hand.

In fact, it could be beneficial.

If you don.t have a facial hair issue, you might want to consider adding some beard oil to your daily regimen.

This product is made of high-quality synthetic fibers that are absorbed by the skin and helps to nourish and restore facial hair.

The results are obvious, and you can use it with or without facial hair on your face.

It’s also one of my favorite ways to help to keep my facial hair from going bald.

For me, it works by nourishing my beard and helping to create a healthier, more natural look.

It also helps keep it looking great and looking its best for your face and body.

What do you do to keep facial hair healthy?

Share your thoughts below.


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