Posted October 06, 2019 07:59:11This is the story of how one family managed to make an adorable, “badger” facial without putting their baby on a big, hard, and scary animal.

A little less than two weeks after the birth of their son, Sarah and Michael O’Brien decided they’d try a face mask with their son in mind, and a mask that was less than $100.

They wanted a face that didn’t take up too much space.

“It was our baby’s first day,” Sarah O’Briens said.

“We’re in a house, and there’s a big metal box in the corner.

We had to find a way to get him out of that.”

After getting some advice from her son’s mother, they went to Target and purchased a mask.

They bought the “Badger Face Mask,” which was made of synthetic fiber, acrylic, and UV-absorbing materials.

“When we got it, it felt so smooth and light, and I had a smile on my face,” Sarah said.

They wore it for the first time on October 8.

“I didn’t think he was going to cry,” she said.

The mask came with a warning label, which read: “DO NOT use if your baby has a history of breathing problems.”

They followed the instructions on the label, and the mask worked well.

“The mask worked really well,” Sarah says.

They put the mask on in the bathroom while their son was sleeping and he was asleep, and they got up and went outside.

They found a dead bear and ran out and started to kill it, which they did with the help of a friend who had a bear repellent spray.

The bear, which is about the size of a dog, bit the mask off, and Sarah got up to get a second one.

She placed it on her forehead and the bear went away.

The second mask worked too, and she says the first mask was “better.”

“It’s kind of hard to get over the fact that it worked,” she added.

“And we were able to have that little laugh, because we had a baby.”

It’s been a year since the O’briens got the mask, and it’s been almost five months since they got it.

“The thing is, it’s the first thing that I thought of that was really helpful, and then I was able to do that, and that was all by accident,” Sarah told New York magazine.

They have a lot of “good memories” from the mask.

“Our baby cried so much when he wore it that it was like a relief,” Sarah explained.

“My mom has told us he’ll be a big bear, and he’ll eat everything that comes through the door.”

Sarah also liked the mask for its comfort, even if it didn’t work for her.

“He has this thing where he can actually lie on the mask and he can’t get up,” she explained.

She added that the mask “has a lot more of a ‘mama bear’ feel” compared to her other masks.

She said she didn’t feel that she needed to go back to the store and buy another mask.

“I can wear the mask whenever I want and it will always be there, and we don’t even need to put it on,” Sarah added.


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