Kerala, India, January 3, 2018 – For years, I have always felt like I have been cursed.

Every time I go out, I am constantly reminded that my hair is so short that I have to wear a wig to prevent it getting cut off.

So I have never given up on my dream of growing a long beard. 

The new film, ‘Mamada’ by the award-winning actress, is about my journey from a long-haired girl to a grown-up.

The film’s producers, who include actor and director Nandita Bhattacharya, have been busy creating a rich and colourful story about my life. 

Mamadas is a film that aims to help us see how we can achieve our dreams. 

What I learnt from ‘Mabada’ In the film, I follow the journey of a young girl, named K.N. from Kerala, who is going through a difficult time and is trying to grow a beard.

It is the journey that I hope will inspire us all to take a stand against growing facial hair and for the betterment of our society. 

K.N.’s journey starts when she is 12 years old, in her village, Kannada, in the north Indian state of Kerala.

She has just been adopted by a village family and is being groomed by her grandmother, the village elder, after she has been adopted. 

In a way, K.K. is like my own mother. 

As a girl, she was the one that took care of me and my younger siblings.

Her presence always reminds me of the importance of motherhood, even though I am only 13. 

I have always wanted to grow long hair.

But, I never had a choice. 

Eventually, I was told by a man from my village, that I had to wear an expensive wig to protect my long hair, and that my long curly hair would look bad on me. 

So I was given the choice of getting a long hair cut, or wearing a wig. 

While I was doing my long-hair cutting, I noticed a strange object sticking out of my head, that looked like a beard, but with the same size, and shape as my face. 

My hair is too short to grow another long one.

So, I had a face-lift, and a facial surgery to have a long and shiny beard, with a very distinct shape. 

‘Mabadi’ I started the beard transformation by going for facial surgery.

My mother gave me a facial transplant when I was 18. 

After undergoing the facial surgery, my face grew from about an inch to an inch and a half.

But after a year of growing the beard, my hair started to get longer and thicker.

I got so tired of my long beard that I decided to go to my mother and father to get another haircut. 

However, my mother did not accept my request for a facial haircut, saying that she had to cut it short and wear a wedding dress. 

A few days later, I got a call from my father saying that I was to have my facial cut.

I was so excited, that my mother had no idea what was going on. 


I said.

“Why have you decided to have your facial cut, when you were only 13 years old?” 

“I am so sorry, my dear, but I have no choice but to,” he said. 

But I had no choice.

He took me to his brother, who took care in cutting my hair, putting a wig on and cutting it off. 

For the first time in my life, I started to understand the beauty of long hair and started to grow it.

I now have a big beard that goes over my shoulders and chin. 

On another occasion, I went to a friend of mine, who has been getting married, and asked her, “What should I do, with my wedding dress on?” 

I am the only person who has grown my hair.

I grew my beard in the summer, when the sun was shining. 

It is hard to believe that I am now in my late thirties.

But I never thought that my future would turn out like this. 

(The film was shot in Kerala and will be released in Tamil Nadu on January 8, 2019.) 

‘Aloha Car’ Mumabada is a very personal story.

It will touch the hearts of people, as it is a journey of two different people. 

Bhattachary, who also starred in the films ‘Mumadas’ and ‘Lal, Kumbakonam’, said, “I have a strong sense of family.

I have two great cousins.

My grandmother gave me my birth certificate. 

We are very close. 

One day, my father told me that I must


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