The first time I went for my routine, I was wearing a tight pair of jeans and I didn’t want to wear anything else, so I went to the local beauty supply store and got a sample of probulin, which is a gel-like powder that is added to a gel or cream.

I applied it to my face and then went straight into the shower, and it didn’t feel as greasy or sticky as I thought it might.

The problem is, the only ingredients that I had were a few drops of honey and a little bit of a salt, and I used them too liberally.

I put a little of it on my face for the first 30 seconds, then stopped it for 30 seconds.

Then I did the same thing again, and again, 30 seconds after that.

So, I thought I’d try the probulin powder on the other side, but it wasn’t as effective.

Then, I tried the cream and it worked perfectly, but I thought, ‘I wonder how it will affect my hair’.

So, at this stage, I went and bought more probulin and started applying it to more of my hair.

It’s a very important step in the process, and at the end of the day, I can’t go back to the store without buying a sample.

But it did help with my hair loss.