MILF CAR FORCE FACIAL CARE is offering a $1,000 facial lift to anyone who wishes to remove their facial hair.

The company is offering the lift in the form of a facial hair removal cream, which can be purchased online for $79.99.

“If you have a thick or thick head, you can always get a facial lift with this product.

You don’t need to do any prep or do any treatment to get this product, but you can use it right away,” the company states on its website.

“The product contains salicylic acid, which helps remove excess hair and can be used to condition your facial structure,” the product description continues.

It also states that the product is “very gentle and won’t leave your face feeling greasy or dry.”

In case you are wondering how much it will cost, the product can be found online for about $79, and the price includes shipping.

A few days after the product was released, the company’s Facebook page was inundated with comments, including one person who was upset that the cream was being advertised on social media.

Another commenter expressed her concern about how the product would work and also mentioned that the company could potentially be misleading people by saying that the facial lift is “for everyone.”

The post also stated that the lift was for “everyone” and not just women, but was later removed.

The comments from the comment section have since been deleted.

There is also a comment from an Amazon employee who was able to purchase the product and is posting about the experience here.