An Australian woman who has been on the hunt for a facial care supplier has been able to identify potential buyers.

Ms Toni LeBlanc says her new research shows a number of the companies listed on the Australian market are based in the US.

“The US market is actually one of the more difficult places for me to work,” she said.

Ms LeBlanch, who was trained in facial surgery, found a company named MRC Facial Care that she believes is a “high-quality” alternative to what she had been looking for.

“I thought I was going to be sold on a shampoo and conditioner product,” she told

“So I had to be a bit careful, because I wanted to find a brand that I could trust.”

When I looked into the company, I thought, ‘Oh, this looks a bit different to what I thought it would look like’.

“And so I found out that it was a facial hair car company, so that made me think I was in the right place.”

Ms Leblanc said she has received hundreds of emails from potential buyers about the beauty products.

“There’s a lot of women who are really concerned that they may have an allergic reaction to something, and it could be anaphylactic shock,” she added.

“They have no idea what they are getting, and they don’t know how long it’s going to last.”

Ms Tonto said she is also seeing more and more potential buyers from the US who have been looking to buy beauty products from overseas.

“A lot of the beauty people I meet, they want to make sure they can buy from the company that they are going to use for their own needs,” she explained.

“And then they can get that information and then they buy from that company.”

A spokesperson for MRC said the company’s business model is based on providing products and services for a broad range of cosmetic needs.

“We are committed to providing our customers with the best products and products that meet their personal beauty needs,” the spokesperson said.

“Our products are made in the USA, which is our main market.”

Products are formulated and manufactured in Australia to be available in all parts of Australia.



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