The Swiss government is encouraging residents to start using facial care services in order to save on costs, according to an announcement released today.

Swiss facial-care services are widely used in the country and are widely accepted.

However, the country has seen a significant rise in cases of invasive dental work.

In 2014, more than 5,000 Swiss were diagnosed with invasive dental problems.

The problem was largely due to the increased prevalence of non-Western cultures in the population, with many dentists treating non-European cultures as a second-class citizen, a condition that has been documented in other European countries.

Today’s announcement calls on residents to use Swiss facial-related services to save money on dental costs.

Switzerland is the world’s fourth largest facial care market after Australia, Belgium, and Sweden.

But as of today, about 20 percent of residents have not yet registered for dental care services.

In addition, most services, such as dentures, have been limited in scope and are often reserved for people who already have health insurance.

The Swiss government announced that it is encouraging the country’s population to start utilizing facial care in order for them to save.

The goal is to cut costs by at least 25 percent by 2020, and at least 50 percent by 2030.


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