If you’ve ever been tempted to skip out on wearing makeup to the grocery store or a birthday party, here’s a new way to make sure you’re getting all the care you need.

An Australian startup called Facial Care has a facial treatment that can be used on children and teens.

It’s designed to help kids and teens with facial wrinkles get the smoothest and most even appearance possible.

“It’s designed for the most sensitive areas of your face, for the easiest and most consistent application,” said FacialCare CEO, Jodi Gorman.

If you’ve been waiting for the day you can make your kids’ face look flawless with a facial cream, now’s your chance.

Facial Treatment’s cream is formulated to work on just one area at a time.

That means it can be applied right on the skin, without leaving a sticky residue.

Gorman said the cream has the potential to make skin look like it’s not aging and can help kids who are already dealing with a lot of facial issues get the appearance they’re looking for.

Kids who are younger than 13 can apply the cream with a wet brush and the cream will stay on the face for up to five minutes.

But that’s not the case for kids older than 13.

The cream can only be used once every two weeks.

Once you apply the product, the cream starts to gently work its way up the face to a spot where you can see it’s working.

But there’s one big caveat.

The product is meant to be used daily, not twice a day.

To get the best results, Gorman recommends you use a facial mist or mask, but there’s no reason you couldn’t apply the face cream at home.

As long as your kid is wearing a mask, they’ll have to use a face mask, too, so you might want to ask them to wear one to make the facial cream last longer.

The facial cream will be available to purchase at the company’s online store beginning this month.

For more information, visit Facialcare.com.


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