The best way to get an amazing hair clip is to put it on, but this time it’s with a new brush and it’s all done with your hand.

I have a friend who’s been using this tool for years now and has a fantastic collection of them, but I thought it would be fun to do a video to show what’s possible with just one brush.

If you’re using the brush with the bristles at the end, you can add hair to the clipart and edit it, and if you want to add hair around the mouth, you’ll want to use the brush’s tip and not the bristled tip.

You can also use the bristly tip to do some eyebrow and nose hair if you have a long hair, but you might want to go with the brush at the beginning.

Here’s how it works: First, open your brush with one of the three options you have.

The brush comes out with three bristles and a little bit of hair, so the first brush will make a little little brush, the second brush will add a little more hair, and the third brush will be the main thing.

Next, hold your finger down on the tip of the brush, and just press the tip down on to the hair and then just lightly flick the brush on and off until it’s done.

You might need to do this a couple of times so the bristle stays in place, and you can also adjust the brush in the corner to make it look a little better.

The next step is to hold your thumb in front of the tip and press down to hold the brush down, and that’s where you add hair.

To do this, hold down your finger and just lightly tap it on and on to add some hair to your clipart.

Now hold your hand down, press the brush tip, and use the tip to add the hair.

The final step is just to hold down the bristler and just flick the tip.

The bristles should be completely wet and ready for use.

Now the next step would be to get the hair in your hand and you could do this by holding the bristling tip in your fingers, or just with the tip on the hair or in your mouth.

To add some eyebrows, you could use your hair to do your eyebrows, or you could just hold your hair up and just add some hairs around your eye area.

If your hair is long, you might just want to do the hair on your cheek.

If not, you’re going to need to add a lot of hair on the lip to give it a bit of volume.

If all of that doesn’t work, just try again.

I think you could probably get a pretty good, really nice look with just the tip at the tip, but if you really want to get really fancy, you’d also want to try adding hair on top of your eyebrows and around your eyes.

The last step is when you’re ready to do it, just hold down both the bristlers in the brush and the tip in the air and the hair will be on the top of the cliparts bristles.

If it’s a lot harder, you may want to hold it down a bit, and then tap it with your finger to add more hair to it.

You should be able to see the hairs come out, but they’ll also go in between the bristlings on your brush, so be careful to not pull the hairs in too far.

This is also a great time to do eye hair if your hair doesn’t have any eyebrows to add, because you’ll get to add eyebrows on top and not on the sides.

Here are some tips to get you started: If you don’t have long hair or long eyebrows, don’t worry, the hair is a breeze.

Just keep using your brush and you should be good to go.

If that doesn�t work, you’ve got options.

You could add a few hairs around the eyes, or add a small amount of hair around your eyebrows or around your mouth, and do your hair all over your face.

You’ll get that natural look with this method.

You also might want your eyebrows to look longer, but then again, it doesn’t hurt to add longer eyebrows.

If I can do it with a brush, why can’t I do it on my skin?

This method is for those of you who have long, straight hair that you don�t want to mess with, but don�’t want to have to use your fingernails to add hairs to it, so you can just leave it out on the side.

You need to hold up your brush while you do it and just let it glide in and out of the hairs.

This might be easier if you’re putting it on the back of your hand, but it’ll probably be


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