The Palestinian mother of an 8-year-old girl who was hospitalized in intensive care after a facial routine has been widely criticized for causing her to lose her hair, a public health official said on Monday.

The girl, from Beit Hanoun in the northern West Bank, has had her hair pulled and dyed by the local health authority, according to Beit Hashomer.

The girl, who cannot be identified because she is in a coma, has been in the hospital since April 7.

Her father, who has been the head of the family since she was born, had been treating her and her sister since they were born.

The family is currently receiving treatment for their hair loss, but they will be allowed to leave their home in the area where they were previously living, according the head medical official.

“We have lost all our hair, which we had since birth.

The doctor is saying that the treatment will help me lose it.

My daughter is in intensive medical care and her condition is critical,” the girl’s father, Mohammed Abu Al-Saadi, told Ma’an on Monday morning.

He said his daughter, who lives with his sister and their mother in the Beit Hayat refugee camp, suffered from “a fever, which caused her to have a fever.”

“We lost her hair to cover her face.

She could not stand up straight, and she fell down several times,” he added.

“The doctors said she could not use her hands, and we did not want her to eat because she was afraid of her skin.”

The girl’s mother, Sareen Abu Alhayash, told Haaretz that the doctor had told her to take the girl to a private hospital in Beit Hamra, about 30 kilometers (19 miles) away.

“We are now waiting for an official order,” she said.

The head of Beit Ashkelon Regional Health Services (BASH) told Ha’aretz that it had not been informed about the order, and that the girl could not be seen because of the fever.

Abu Alharyash said his wife was initially worried that the patient was “going to die,” and they had been in contact with health authorities in the region.

“I told her that it is not going to happen, and the doctor told me that it will not happen,” he said.

“She was very scared.

It is not normal to lose one’s hair.”

But Abu Alharash said that he had not had a fever for two weeks, and it was not clear how the patient might be affected by the fever if it continued.

“When I was told she is going to die, I was so relieved that she is alive,” he told HaSharon, adding that the family was also worried that he would not be able to go to work.

Abusseh Abu Alshawary, a member of the Palestinian Authority’s Fatah political bureau, told The Associated Press on Monday that “a patient cannot lose one single hair because of an infection.”

He said that “the doctor is treating the patient as a newborn child and has to treat her as a patient.

He does not treat her because of a fever, but because of hair loss.”

The family’s story has become an important issue for Palestinian political parties and the international community.

On Monday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told reporters that the mother’s plight has become “a major public health issue.”

He added that the government would take all possible measures to ensure the safety of patients and staff.

“Our people are suffering from a severe case of fever and are not able to walk.

I do not know what is causing this, but I can tell you that the medical personnel do not have the equipment to treat this,” he stated.

“This is not a normal case.”