Prasth’s ritual mask, which is designed to protect against the dreaded coronavirus, is available at a price of Rs 5,000 at the temple and is also available online. 

Prasanth, who lives in the capital, Kolkata, has become the latest in a long line of devotees to opt for the mask as they feel the symptoms of the virus are not being fully understood. 

“I feel like the mask is an extension of my own spirituality,” said Prasantha.

“When I wear it, I don’t feel sick.

I feel that I am living a good life.” 

When she was diagnosed with COVID-19 in 2014, Prasanath and her family did not have any alternative for protection against the disease, and her mother and sister were hospitalised with respiratory infections.

“My father said I must be doing something wrong because I did not eat and drink enough, so I got a mask,” Prasanta told NDTV.

“After about two months of wearing the mask, my fever fell, my cough got better and my breathing got better.

But, I still felt very ill.

The mask is my only protection against COVID,” she said. 

The Prastha temple, situated in Kolkatta, houses about 3,000 devotees who are part of the “Shiva Shanti Sangh” (SBS), which means the worship of all women.

“We are all dedicated to all women, including our mothers, who do not want children, or who do want children only, but are afraid of contracting COVID.

We are also not allowed to go to hospitals for treatment, or go to work, or attend funerals,” Prashant Singh, the temple’s vice-president, said.”

In recent times, I have realised that my family members, including my mother, are not fully informed about the possible impact of the coronaviral epidemic,” Prasher added.

“I have asked my family to donate masks and clothes to the temple.

If we donate masks, the money goes to the SBS.”‘

The mask is a way of protecting against the coronvirus’ Prastha is not alone in choosing the Prasthana temple mask.

“People in Khola, which we are living in now, are also wearing the Prasaras mask.

We can’t go to any hospital because it is mandatory for us to wear masks,” said Sivika, a resident of the city. 

She said she felt safer than other women, but her mother was worried that her daughter was going to develop an infection.

“The mask has helped me in the worst of cases.

I am not worried about getting sick, I feel like I am protected,” Sivik said.

“It is not that I feel sick because I have the mask.

The problem is that the mask cannot keep me out of the pandemic,” she added.”

People do not know the symptoms and how to manage the infection.

And people are afraid to ask for help,” said Ankit, a student of history and geography at a college in the city, adding that many women do not have the means to get masks.

“I am not sure how I would feel if someone asked me for a mask.

If someone asked for help, I would not hesitate,” she told NDtv.

“Even if I have a mask, I do not feel safe wearing it.

The masks are not meant to protect us from the virus.

They are only meant to make us feel better.”

A similar sentiment was expressed by a woman who lives near Kolkato and is a nurse.

“In the past few years, there have been many people who have been admitted to the hospital with COID-19.

Some of them had to wear the Prasmanta mask, but the mask was not enough to protect them from the disease. 

Some people are so fearful about the disease that they are wearing masks.

I would think that they should have the choice,” said the woman.

The temple has also started to provide free masks and other medical supplies to those who are ill or unable to donate their own masks. 

‘My life has been saved’ Sivika’s mother has started the temple, and has started wearing the prasaras as well.

“Prasth has become my mother.

I want Prasanas to be able to go outside to see the world,” said her mother. 

I am a nurse and we want Prasara to be available to the whole country, said Siva, a second-year medical student at a university.

She said she is worried about her daughter’s health because she is in the hospital and unable to attend any work.

“But the mask has given me hope,” she assured NDTV, adding, “I will wear Prasana masks until the