The r/facialcare subreddit is a place for people to discuss all things facial care and it is looking for potential partners to help it survive.

The community is looking at ways to monetize its content with advertising revenue, with a specific focus on carly face care, but its also looking to monetise the community through ad impressions.

The subreddit’s creator, carlyc, is an internet entrepreneur, so her focus is on monetising the subreddit as a whole.

“I started the subreddit in 2013, I created a ton of content.

I’m trying to monetization the whole subreddit.

I want to get more subscribers to help us monetize this,” she said.”

One of the big things I’m looking at is getting some of my other content to get paid, I don’t want to be the only one getting paid, and I want the community to be a part of that,” she added.”

And I want Reddit to be like any other website that you would use on the internet,” she explained.

“I think the beauty of it is, people are going to use Reddit because of Reddit’s community.

So I’m really interested in how I can help them monetize that.”

A few of the posts on carylc’s Reddit page, including one that looks at the different types of carly products, are currently selling for between $3-$6 per post.

Carlyc said that she has been receiving emails from users wanting to sell on the subreddit, but she said she is hesitant because there is no guarantee the ad will work.

“Reddit is a huge platform for a lot of people, but they don’t necessarily see the ad as a huge risk,” she told Healthline.

“There’s always the risk of the ad being rejected.

I don, like, don’t think I’ll sell the ads, and that’s not because I don/want to sell them.

That’s just a little bit of an anxiety for me because I think it’s just not that big of a risk.”

When it comes to getting paid for ad impressions, Carly said that her first step would be to figure out if people would be willing to pay for her ads.

“My first step is figuring out if it’s a risk worth taking.

If people would pay, I’d be more comfortable.

But, again, I have to be really careful,” she noted.

“If I can figure out how to make the ad more interesting to them than what they’re used to, then maybe it will work out.”

In addition to carly’s subreddit, she has a few other sites and websites that she is active on.

She is also active on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Reddit.

Carley’s subreddit is one of her main sources of revenue.

She told Healthbeat that she would like to keep Reddit open as a marketplace for products, but that she can’t guarantee that it will continue to be that way.

“At this point, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep it open forever,” she admitted.

“But I’m hoping that there’s something that Reddit could do that could give us a platform for people who want to try other products and products that people who are really passionate about them can use.”


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