Reddit user Ritrati posted a photo of himself with a “fake” face mask on a picture of a woman with a fake nose, claiming he needed the mask because of a facial condition.

“It’s not a medical condition, but just the fact that you can’t keep your face still,” Ritre said in a post.

“This mask is just a little bit of help, but it’s enough to help.”

The post, which has since been deleted, was seen over 2.4 million times as of Sunday night.

Ritrelli’s post has since garnered thousands of comments, many of which are critical of the post, calling it a fake mask.

Some commenters said Ritrina’s mask was too large and it was too close to his eyes.

“This is just the wrong mask, too big and too close, I have no idea how this is necessary for this condition,” one commenter wrote.

“If you can make it bigger, then you can cover your eyes.”

“I need a face mask because my nose is starting to swell,” another wrote.

Ritrina is not the only Reddit user to post about facial care on Reddit, where people have come to share and debate the health benefits of facial care.

A group of people called “Face Care” on Reddit shared their own tips on the topic on Sunday, which many users praised for the amount of information they shared.

“You can buy a face wash for $5 at a Walgreens, and a little plastic face mask that will keep your nose and cheeks from getting too large is a very cheap way to keep them out of the eyes,” one Reddit user wrote.

Another Redditor posted a picture that shows the mask, saying he bought one at a grocery store.

“Face wash is actually cheaper than the mask in my opinion,” another Redditor wrote.


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