How to Use Your Face to Make an Incredible Face ClipArt Video – [Hair-raising]

The best way to get an amazing hair clip is to put it on, but this time it’s with a new brush and it’s all done with your hand.I have a friend who’s been using this tool for years now and has a fantastic collection of them, but I thought it would be fun to […]

NBS Faces the ‘Worst Case of Hair Loss’ in 20 Years

In the aftermath of the recent mass shootings in Connecticut and Colorado, the National Association of Beauty Therapists (NBS) is facing a “worst case of hair loss” in 20 years.The NBS has issued a new set of guidelines that are aimed at reducing hair loss from all body types, and they are designed to help […]

NFL: ‘Facial Care Basics’ is the best way to get your facial care routine going

The NFL’s new “Facial Health Basics” series is about getting your face looking better without going overboard.The series will focus on how to use facial care products, as well as the basics of how to prevent or treat a facial problem.The series will also feature in-depth tutorials and videos to help people get their faces […]