How to keep your beard safe and stylish

BEYOND the obvious signs of aging, your beard is the biggest indicator of what’s going on with your body.It’s a sign of your health and wellness, and if it looks like it’s dying it’s probably not.There are plenty of products out there to keep it looking its best, but what do you do if you […]

Facial Care, Facial Scanning Carer, Facetex, and Beauty Salon Staff Get the Full ‘Beauty’ Experience

A list of new jobs for Beauty and Haircare Professionals has been revealed.These include a ‘Beautiful Face Carers’ role and a ‘Facial Carers’, which includes an ‘office’ job.“This is an exciting time to be a Beauty and Barber at FacetEx, so if you are looking to fill an exciting new role, you can now take […]

How to get the best bang for your buck when it comes to facial care from mychelles facial care company

Hello mychelleys friends, this is a new post.I am happy to finally share my first ever guide on the best facial care brands in the world.I have been on a quest to find the best products for my face and body for the last few years.In 2017, I started a journey to find what I […]