The price of the best facial care is getting out of hand

Some people can’t afford to keep up with their facial care needs.A new survey conducted by a private company, Safeway, found that many Americans who live in affluent areas of the country can’t find the best brands for their facial hair care needs, and are increasingly turning to online retailers to find the most affordable […]

New Jersey’s new facial care program has its detractors

New Jersey Gov.Chris Christie said he was glad the state was embracing facial recognition software.“I think it’s a positive step,” he told reporters in his first public comments about the program, which will be implemented next year.He said facial recognition technology is a valuable tool for law enforcement and for the state to fight crime.“It’s […]

Saudi Arabia is to shut down the country’s only facial care centre

Saudi Arabia has begun a series of measures to curb its burgeoning public health crisis, including a ban on the sale of cosmetic products, a ban of certain cosmetic products that are considered unsuitable for children and restrictions on public gatherings and gatherings at public places.The kingdom is one of the world’s top exporters of […]