How do you get rid of that red blotch on your face?

A few years ago, when my doctor prescribed my second round of face lifts, I knew I wanted to do it myself.My skin was flaking away, the wrinkles and pore marks on my cheeks were growing, and the scarring on my forehead was a reminder of the trauma I’d had to endure in the aftermath […]

‘Face Care’ facial cream is coming to the U.S.

HAVANA —┬áIt’s no secret that the U-shaped, four-pack of facial care products used by many celebrities to make themselves look thinner, lighter and more attractive is popular in Latin America and Africa.But the popular product may soon be arriving in the U: Face Care facial cream.It’s a $35-a-pack product that is meant to provide a […]

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Tarte Brushes

In the wake of the announcement that Tarte was discontinuing their cosmetic-focused line, the beauty world is buzzing with chatter about what else they might be doing with the business, and whether or not they should be.We talked to some of the women who use Tarte’s brushes to find out how to get the most […]

Which Face Care Brands are Better?

A recent survey by cosmetics brand Beauty Brand and cosmetics industry analyst BrandSource found that consumers who use facial care products are less likely to report side effects such as irritation, burning, or discomfort.This may be due to the fact that the brands do not offer any ingredients to help ease side effects and they […]