KrebsOnSecurity: The Top 5 Reasons Why Your Phone Is Getting Pwned

Krebs on Security has discovered five reasons why your phone is getting pwned.The most common of these is that your phone has been upgraded to an older version of Android.The other five are the following:The latest version of an Android smartphone is usually the newest version of the Android operating system.If your phone hasn’t been […]

What do you get when you combine facial care with sex? The results are facial cream

Nimue Facial Care was created by a female entrepreneur and her husband, who saw an opportunity to combine their two passions: hair care and sex.The product is a unique facial cream that is designed to deliver the perfect amount of product for both.Nimu Facial Cream is available in three flavors: facial cream, cream of jojoba […]

Minoxbeard’s facial care company pays up to $1 million for breach

Posted November 19, 2018 05:00:00 A Queensland company that provides face and body care services for children has been fined more than $1.6 million after it failed to tell children they had been exposed to salmonella and other potentially dangerous bacteria.The company, Minoxbes Facial Care, was a distributor of cosmetic salons in Queensland until 2013, […]