It’s not often that someone takes on the beauty industry as a hobby, but that’s exactly what makeup artist Danielle E. Caudill does.

With a passion for makeup and makeup-related businesses, she runs her own beauty company and her online store.

Now she’s been honored with a $5,000 Google Doodle.

E-commerce startup E-Commerce Beauty is the latest to receive the honor, which is awarded to “companies that have made a significant impact in the industry,” according to the Google Doodle, which features images of, the company’s Facebook page and a photo of the Google logo.

The company’s founder and CEO, Matt J. Ruppert, told Business Insider that she and her husband have been inspired to help others succeed by working to help them create a better beauty product experience.

“It’s the only thing I know how to do,” she said.

“I’m always thinking about how can we be the best in the world.

It’s just so exciting to see other people succeeding.”

E-ShoppingBeauty was founded in 2016 by Rupp, a New York City-based makeup artist who studied at Parsons School of Design.

He worked at a number of brands, including Chanel, Chanel-Hollister, and Huda Beauty.

He then started his own online makeup company, which he called E-Beauty, in 2019.

That business was successful enough that he decided to launch E-shopBeauty in 2015.

He’s since expanded his business to include a retail store, and E-shoppingBeautys newest venture, E-StoreBeautyShop, was launched this month.

E ShopBeauty sells cosmetics and other beauty products online, which are sold at retailers including Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, and Ulta.

The E-storeBeauty Shop sells cosmetics from indie brands, as well as brands owned by big-name retailers.

Customers can choose between two options: an inexpensive, affordable beauty kit or a more expensive beauty set.

Rupa, the cosmetics brand, offers a free subscription service, but customers can also add a $2.99 monthly shipping fee.

EShopBeauties customer service representative, Lisa Koehler, told The American Thinker that she believes that the Google Dot and the Google Music Doodle are a good representation of the diversity of makeup artists in the makeup industry.

She said that E-sales have grown so fast that the company has to expand into other niches, like beauty, health, and technology.

“You can’t be in a niche without creating something, and we have to create something, so we have created E-beauty and we’re expanding into the beauty space,” Koehl said.

But Koehler said that the E-marketing service doesn’t really represent the diversity in makeup.

“There’s definitely some beauty companies that don’t have a presence in the cosmetics space, but we are the only one in that space that actually has a direct line into the cosmetics business,” she added.

“E-shoppers are really interested in what we’re offering, so I think that’s what has really helped us in our growth.”

E Shopbeauty’s biggest customers are celebrities, but other brands also get recognition, including beauty companies like MAC, CoverGirl, and Lancome.

E Shoppers also see E Shop Beauty as an opportunity to build partnerships with influencers.

“People are looking for the brands that they can connect with and the brands they can go to that have a relationship with them,” Koesler said.

And while E-stores are mostly about cosmetic beauty products, Koehn said that there’s a lot more makeup for women’s beauty products.

“We’ve really focused on the skin care side, the eye care side.

There’s a whole list of products that are very diverse,” she explained.

“For me, that’s really what I love about makeup and beauty: I can go into any store, I can have the exact same products, but I can make it so that I can find what I need, and not have to go to the big store.”

Koehm said that she plans to expand her e-commerce platform as E Shop Beauties reach a larger audience.

“The more we can get more women to buy into E Shop beauty, and also get women to go online, the more we’re able to grow,” she concluded.

“If we’re just talking about cosmetics, I think it’s a really good opportunity for us.”


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