Some people can’t afford to keep up with their facial care needs.

A new survey conducted by a private company, Safeway, found that many Americans who live in affluent areas of the country can’t find the best brands for their facial hair care needs, and are increasingly turning to online retailers to find the most affordable products.

The company polled more than 600 Americans on their facial needs, as well as the cost of a facial cream and shampoo, and found that prices were increasing by about $3.50 for each new product added to their shopping cart.

Safeway’s survey found that for facial hair products, the average price is now $11.50.

That includes the cost for a single shampoo, which averages at $12.99 per bottle.

The average cost for the average facial cream, which includes three treatments, is now at $2.75, according to the company.

The prices are on par with the prices of some other major brands.

“In some cases, you’re paying for a hair dryer, which can be a huge expense,” said Sara Cohen, director of marketing at Safeway.

“In other cases, the cost is less than $5 for an entire day of treatments, which makes it an economical product for some.”

The prices of the brands vary based on where they are sold.

A product at Safebox, which is available at most drugstores, is $4.50 per bottle, and a product at the same store at Dollar Tree is $2 per bottle of the same brand.

While prices vary, some brands have remained relatively stable, while others have seen significant increases.

At Safeway in California, a $2 facial cream costs $9.50 and a $5 facial shampoo costs $11, according the company’s survey.

At Home Depot in Florida, the company offers a $4 shampoo and facial gel, and also offers a cheaper $2 cleanser for $10.

Safer Beauty, which also sells cosmetics and body products, had a similar story. 

“The trend for facial care brands is going to be that they’re going to get cheaper,” said Safeway’s Cohen.

“They’re going get more and more affordable.”

Safewave’s survey is based on a sample of about 1,000 respondents, and was conducted online, via text message, and in person at a number of major retailers.

Cohen said that she plans to continue the study with a larger sample.

Saffron, a natural facial care brand, is not included in the survey.

Cohen has not been able to reach the company for comment.

The survey found the average cost of facial products is increasing by $3 for each added product added.

The average cost per bottle is $11 in California and $12 in Florida.


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