Carli’s facial injuries are a common occurrence in the UK, and are a result of poor hygiene.

Injuries that are common in the US include injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and carpal fractures.

However, Carli has also experienced carpal injury, a condition in which the carpal bone is injured and fractures can occur.

In a video published on Facebook, Carla described her experience as “a nightmare”.

“It was my fault for having my head in my hand while we were at the shop, so I was looking at the mirror when I realised my hair was falling out.

I thought it was just a bad hangover, so that was the worst thing I’ve ever done,” she said.”

The first thing I said to him was, ‘Sorry, I was having a bad day.’

But he told me, ‘You’re not having a good day.'”

When he put his hand in my mouth, I just lost my balance and fell to the floor.

I could see his face in the mirror.

I was shocked that he was actually going to touch me, but I just couldn’t move because I was just shaking so much.

It was so traumatic.

“Carli said that she did not report the incident to the police because she was embarrassed and worried that it would affect her future career.”

I had no idea it was going to affect my career, and I didn’t even think that it was something I was going be able to control because I am an extremely shy person,” she added.

Carli’s Facebook page has more than 14,000 followers, and has attracted the attention of many, including the BBC and The Sun.

However she has not received any support from her family and friends.”

But the thing is, it hurts me every time I think about it. “

My parents, my mum and my dad, they still think I’m beautiful and that I am good and they’re supportive.

But the thing is, it hurts me every time I think about it.

I’ve had so much support, but it doesn’t change anything for me.”

When it happens to me it happens so quickly that I don�t even know what to think.

They know what I’m going through and they just help me out,” she shared. “

People are kind, supportive and they really care.

They know what I’m going through and they just help me out,” she shared.

“I think it’s a really good thing.

I don`t think there is anything wrong with people saying, ‘Hey, this is how you feel when you have carpal, and you need to do something about it.'”

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