Facing a rising demand for professional help with facial hair, Dublin’s facial care provider is preparing to roll out a new face wash designed to tackle the problem.

Dr Catherine O’Neill, the company’s head of facial care, said that the facial wash was designed to help patients who are struggling with facial blemishes and could use a less abrasive alternative to the more aggressive treatment they are already using.

She said the facial hair cream was designed specifically to address the issues faced by those who are dealing with severe facial bleaching.

Dr O’Donnell said that patients who had experienced a facial bleached skin could be more likely to seek help.

“We want to help people, so we are not going to be using any chemical cleansers or anything like that,” she said.

“The idea behind the facial care cream is to help with the bleaching and that is the reason why we are using a different product than other face creams that we use.”

It is designed to give a softer, gentler wash to the bleached areas of your skin.

“Dr O”It was designed for people who have been using a lot of facial cleansers and are struggling, who are looking for a more gentle wash that won’t break your skin,” she added.

She suggested that those who were more prone to acne and were struggling to control their blemish might want to use the facial cream.

Dr Brian O’Connor, the head of face care at Dublin Facial Care, said the new facial cream was intended to address “some of the areas that are not covered by a lot and to reduce the overall severity of the blemished area”.”

We are very interested in seeing what other patients are experiencing and what they would prefer to see in their facial care regime and how we can address those needs,” he said.

In a statement released on Monday, Dr O’Neil said that her facial care team had been working with a small number of patients who were experiencing bleaching for a number of months.”

While it has been a long journey, we are confident that the new face cream will provide them with a safe, gentle and non-toxic alternative to their existing treatment regimen,” she concluded.


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