The latest on facial care in Canada and the United States (all times local):6:30 p.m.

The federal government has given health authorities new powers to force drug manufacturers to provide evidence that their products contain the ingredients that doctors say they do.

The government also says it is considering making it easier for Canadians to report complaints of fraud and abuse.

The move is aimed at making it harder for manufacturers of face and body scrubs, lotions and cosmetics to avoid paying billions in fines if they do not follow safety protocols.

The changes come as Canada and several other countries have launched investigations into the manufacture of so-called counterfeit cosmetics.

Last year, the European Union fined the largest drug company, CVS, $50 million for importing and selling counterfeit products.

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission recently fined CVS $75 million for selling more than 2,000 fake body scrab and facial scrubs.

The European Commission is also investigating the manufacture and sale of soaps and body lotions made in China.

The Canadian government says the new regulations would give health authorities the authority to force manufacturers to produce “evidence of the safety and efficacy” of their products.

Health Canada said the agency would work with other regulators to review the regulations.

It’s the latest move by Canada and its neighbors to crack down on counterfeit products and get manufacturers to comply with safety protocols to prevent the spread of disease.

Last month, Health Canada said it had taken action against companies that were producing fake products.

A number of other countries are also trying to tackle counterfeit products, including Britain and Italy.


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