Posted November 29, 2018 11:01:03 It’s not always easy deciding the right level of facial cream or moisturiser for the occasion.

But it’s important to know what your facial care needs are to ensure you don’t end up looking like a chubby old lady, says Australian facial care expert, Lisa Kostas.

“The key is to be aware of what you are getting and what the ingredients are,” she says.

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There are two main categories of facial care: moisturising and moisturising-less, with moisturising cream the creamiest.

The most important thing is that you are using moisturising ingredients to help moisturise your face.

“Most moisturisers are not moisturising, but you may want to add a bit of colour to it if you want to get more colour into your face,” she explains.

If you are moisturising your face and have to use moisturising products, you may need to add an extra layer of moisturising to help absorb the colour.

To get a full picture of what your skin needs, look at what you have on hand.

“Use the same cream to each face, to get the same moisturising effect, but use different cream types to get different moisturising effects,” she advises.

She also recommends that you look at your facial hair to see if you need a different moisturiser type.

You may also want to look at moisturising creams or face oils to see how they affect your skin, says Lisa Koster.

Do you need the most moisturising facial cream?

Kostas recommends moisturising face creams.

“If you want a softer look, look for a product that contains more moisturising or face moisturising ingredient.”

You might also need to use more moisturisers and a moisturiser-less product for your eyes and lips,” she adds.

However, if you are really into a softer appearance, you can go for a more cream-like product.

In general, you don�t need to worry about using a lot of moisturisers in your facial skin care routine, she says, and she recommends using two to three products a day.

One of the most popular moisturisers on the market is Clarins Pure Body Lotion, which is formulated with collagen, collagen-based emollients and natural ingredients. “

There are different moisturisers available for facial care,” says Kosts.

One of the most popular moisturisers on the market is Clarins Pure Body Lotion, which is formulated with collagen, collagen-based emollients and natural ingredients.

Another is the Clarins Ultra Facial Cleansing Complex, which contains hyaluronic acid, lactic acid and silica, along with water, glycerin, plant extracts and antioxidants.

Koster recommends using Clarins Super Clear Face Cleaner or the Clarin Super Skin Remover for facial products, but recommends trying out a few of these moisturisers to see which ones are right for you.

Choosing a moisturising moisturiser is important, says Koster, and you should be careful about what you use on your face to minimise the appearance of pores.

“If you have any dry skin, like you are a person who wears a lot, you might want to use a moisturizer to help dry out the skin,” she warns.

When it comes down to moisturising skin, you need to choose one product that has a low glycaemic index and an anti-aging effect, she explains, as well as one that has good texture and doesn’t irritate your skin.

Is it ok to use an alcohol-based facial moisturiser?

The answer to that depends on what you want from your facial cream, says Dr Sarah Tuck.

Her personal experience is that using alcohol-free moisturisers is OK, although she recommends you do not use a lot on your skin because of the skin irritation they can cause.

“It depends on the ingredients, and the moisturiser you use,” she recommends.

While alcohol-containing products tend to have more drying effects than those that are glyceric, she recommends sticking with the glycerol-based ones.

“I would not recommend using alcohol in your moisturiser, unless you are looking for a mild to medium moisturiser that is going to be used for only a few days,” she concludes.

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