I can’t really get enough of the latest high-tech, high-end, highbrow, high quality facial mask.

So I’m always on the lookout for some high-fashion, high fashion and high-quality mask to wear on a daily basis.

And recently, I stumbled upon Illumination.

I’ve been wanting a high-performance facial mask for a while now, and it seemed like the perfect match for my aesthetic.

For a full review, I recommend checking out Illuminate Beauty. 

And if you’re not feeling the urge to buy a high end mask, then you can always buy one at one of these high end beauty stores:    Illuminate Cosmetics   Illumination Beauty   Urban Decay  Amazon.com  And I can certainly recommend them to my friends. 

But what’s this Illuminating Beauty mask?

Well, it’s made out of an anti-aging gel that’s designed to work as a protective mask.

It also has a high shine formula and a gel base, so it’s easy to blend and blend again. 

Illums is selling the mask online and at some beauty stores, including Amazon and Urban Decay. 

I used the mask as a replacement for the high-shine gel mask I’ve been wearing to keep my skin looking fresh, soft and smooth.

The Illuminated Beauty mask is made of a gel that has been formulated to help retain moisture and protect against oil and other irritants. 

The gel mask is the kind of mask that you’d wear while working out, or even while sleeping. 

If you’re interested in getting a high quality mask, the Illuminations high-gloss gel mask might be right up your alley. 

You can purchase the mask at Urban, Amazon, and UrbanDome. 

Also, if you want a high tech, high glam mask, Illuminates is selling an LED light-up face mask. 

It comes with a USB charger and an adapter to connect the LED to your smartphone, tablet, or computer. 

To see the full size image, click here. 

So you’re definitely interested in a high gloss face mask, but you’re also not too keen on the high tech mask.

  So I started looking for a new high-cost mask to go with the LED light up mask.

I found Illums LED mask at Amazon.com. 

What is the LED mask?

The LED mask is a high performing, high shine gel mask that’s specially formulated to absorb moisture and to help keep skin looking healthy and soft. 

 The LED light mask is meant to be worn at night, on a cloudy night or while you’re out and about. 

A gel mask will absorb more of the sun’s rays than a gel mask.

But the LED is much better at absorbing the sun and keeping your skin looking good and soft all day. 

Where can I buy a gel face mask? 

You could purchase a gel version of the LED face mask at UrbanDome, UrbanCandy, UrbanGel, Mandalay Bay, GlamShop, Beauty and the Geek, NYX, Dermablend, Huda Beauty, The MAC, Sephora, Sans Beauty, or The Benefit Cosmetics Store. 

Another great option is to go to an online makeup store like Urban Decay, Urban Decay Beauty, Urban Essence, and Urban Decay Makeup. 

For a more affordable option, check out Amazon or Urban Beauty.

Also, Illuminates is a popular brand with high-street makeup shops, and they offer an LED face face mask for $17. 

Finally, the MAC has a few LED face masks that you can buy online for $13. 

All in all, you’re looking at a pretty good deal on a high performance gel mask, so you should definitely check it out. 

Do I need a special mask?

I can’t think of any time when a mask is necessary to protect your face, but I can think of some time when you might need a mask.

For example, I’m a pretty sensitive skin and I’ve experienced skin irritations and burns from a lot of products, but when I’m getting a lot more work done, I need to use a mask to protect my face and my skin. 

Is the LED product a good substitute for the gel mask?

The LED gel mask isn’t a substitute for a gel or gel-based mask, and I’d still recommend you use a gel-masked mask when you’re working out.

However, you can still use a high powered LED mask to use when you need to apply a facial mask or to cover your eyes


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