The newest iteration of facial-care company Facial Care of America is going to be called “The Facial Cleanser” because it has a facial-cleansing gel in the bottle.

The gel is designed to remove dirt and grime from the lips and forehead of its users.

The product is also intended to be used on the nose, which has been known to be a problem area for facial-related problems in the past.

Facial-care companies are increasingly using facial-cleaners in order to help with the symptoms of allergies, eczema, and other conditions.

The problem, however, is that many of these products don’t actually remove the dirt, grime, or makeup from the skin, which means the products can actually cause more problems than they solve.

“There’s a lot of research out there on the safety of using a cleanser in your face, but not so much on the efficacy of using it,” said Laura B. Johnson, a professor of environmental health sciences at the University of Florida and a founding member of the Natural Products Council.

It’s a situation that has caused a backlash among dermatologists and dermatologists’ associations, who have raised concerns about how the facial-health products can be potentially harmful to the skin.

“People think of them as being cleansers, but the reality is, it’s not really cleansing, it is actually a skin conditioner,” said Johnson.

“And it’s actually damaging to your skin.”

One of the more serious problems is that the cleansers can cause allergic reactions, which can lead to skin irritation and skin cancer.

“It’s one of those things that is difficult to quantify,” said David D. Wysocki, a dermatologist and professor of medicine at Northwestern University.

“But there’s a pretty high correlation between skin irritation, ecza-crosis, and skin cancers.”

There is no known antidote to facial-conditioning products, so they are often prescribed as part of a long-term, non-cosmetic treatment plan.

In addition to being a source of allergy and skin irritation problems, the products also can make skin even more irritated.

Wysockie said it is not uncommon for the cleanser to cause a reaction with some people, including dermatologists, because they tend to react more quickly to the product than to the person using it.

The conditioner can cause redness, peeling, and irritation.

Johnson said that in a study of more than 3,000 dermatologists in New York City, one out of every five dermatologists were unable to prescribe an effective and safe treatment for facial dermatitis.

Another concern is that some people may use the facial cleansers in an inappropriate way.

“There’s some people who use them to clean their face and other people who don’t,” said Wysampie.

“That’s something we don’t want to be in the business of prescribing or prescribing to the wrong people.”

The Facicels of America website states that the product will “reduce or eliminate dryness and irritation of the face and neck,” but that it is designed for “normal use and for the care of those with mild or moderate to severe skin conditions, allergies, and eczemas.”

But for Johnson, the facial products are not the right way to treat a problem.

“I would like to see it changed to being used for skin conditions like eczias, allergies and skin problems,” she said.

The company also has a product called the “Skin Conditioner of Choice” which has a gel that removes oil, dirt, and makeup from a person’s face.

But Johnson said that when she used the product, she didn’t feel any of the benefits of the product.

She said that the company does have a line of products that treat eczasia, allergies or skin problems, but they are only available to those who are already using the products.

Despite these concerns, the Facicel of America has attracted the attention of several dermatologists who have been trying to figure out how to use the product safely.

For Johnson, one of the biggest challenges is to figure what the company is doing with all of its research.

“We’re trying to get the word out about the potential side effects of the products,” she told me.

“Is it really safe?

Are there potential side-effects that may not be so well-controlled, that could have serious effects on people?

And so far, no one has looked at those questions very carefully.”


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