The best gift I could buy for my wife was to buy her a new face cream that she had never tried.

She liked the look of it, but her face was a bit too dark.

She was hoping to buy it online and save money, so she went to the beauty supply store.

She paid $1 for it, and the staff at the counter handed her a coupon for $4.

She said she didn’t even realize the deal was going to expire.

So I bought her the cream.

The next day, I gave her another coupon to use the coupon for.

She bought it in a different size, too.

This time I gave it to her for $3.

The product was very well made, and I was very impressed.

She loved it, too, and we ordered another one a few weeks later.

The coupon worked out well.

My wife and I also purchased a second facial cream for $2 each.

Both are very good.

In my mind, the best gift we could give my wife is a new makeup brush, too; I bought hers at Macy’s for $7.50, but I’ve also bought some at Home Depot and Best Buy for $6.99 each.

We are always shopping for new products, and this year we’re going to try to do that in the near future.


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